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ANDI has officially started in Peru

ANDI has officially started in Peru

Continuing to cross borders, ANDI New Dialogue NGO has started its first Christmas Campaign in Peru, in the city of Piura, thanks to the great enthusiasm and effort of our Peruvian volunteers.

A group of young people and children made Christmas crafts, in order to support the education of the children from India. This activity allowed them to exchange ideas about the importance of defending Human Rights and contributing to social spheres that are different from their own reality.

They also took this opportunity to learn more about ANDI’s work, and at the same time they committed to continue practicing and promoting social values every day, to generate a climate of empathy and solidarity in society.

«It is one small step out of many that must be taken, but with a small great action, great results can be obtained» says Ximena Monzón, our Peru’s delegate.

Ximena became aware of ANDI and participated in its activities when she was an exchange student at a Spanish university. Her interest in the mission and altruistic objectives of ANDI kept her committed to this NGO and she even continued collaborating when she returned to her country and finished her university studies. Now, she is also organizing ANDI activities as a representative of ANDI in this country.

Ximena Monzón is willing to make ANDI’s mission and vision known, in search of building a better world.

So it’s official, ANDI is already in Peru and we hope to grow in more cities in this great country.

We promote human rights and social values. Children and young people are the protagonists of our training, solidarity activities and programs. Likewise, they help children in need, through our projects in different parts of the world.




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