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Andi Junior

ANDI Junior is the children's and youth section of the New Dialogue Organization. Children are the future of society. Through our activities, they learn to be agents of social change, and to be the citizens of the better world that we want.

Andi Junior

We work with children in two ways. On the one hand, we educate children to know their own rights by carrying out education and training activities in human rights and values. On the other hand, we encourage children to be supportive to the needs of other children. We achieve this by organizing solidarity workshops, where the children, with their crafts and creativity, contribute to raise funds for ANDI international projects, which help the poorest and most vulnerable children in the world.

Throught ANDI JUNIOR, the children themselves are the protagonists in helping other children. 

ANDI JUNIOR was founded in the summer of 2014, by Elisa, Rosario Francisco, Ignacio and Carlos. Their parents collaborate with ANDI, and they also wanted to contribute to building a better world with ANDI. They started thinking how they could help other children and young people in need, and during a family trip, they came up with the idea that children would be the protagonists in helping other children.

Maria Elisa Gómez Rodrigues de Araújo
Maria Rosario Gómez Rodrigues de Araújo
Francisco Javier Gómez Rodrigues de Araújo
José Ignacio Gómez Rodrigues de Araújo
Carlos Gómez Rodrigues de Araújo

The first collaboration project was with orphanages in Asia, to help children orphaned or abandoned due to sexual discrimination (for being girls) or for being disabled due to physical or mental illness. They started planning organizing activities to obtain funds to send to the orphanages. Together with their friends, they organized the first Christmas Campaign (2014), a workshop to make Christmas postcards, which they would exchange for a donation for the orphanages. After this, they organized the Spring Campaign, where they did some art crafts for Mother’s Day.

Other activities then followed with the same purpose. Gradually, they started helping more children in various parts of the world and organizing more activities, leading to what is now ANDI JUNIOR.

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