About Us

ANDI - New Dialogue Organization/ Asociación Nuevo Diálogo / Associação Novo Dialogo is a non-profit civil organization, founded in 1996. It is a platform for action and an instrument to help citizens committed to the task of making a better, more dignified and more humane world.

About Us

Our Mission

We promote human rights and social values. Children and youth are the protagonists of our solidarity programs and campaigns by helping other children in need through our projects in different parts of the world.

Our Vision

To build a better world, with peace and prosperity, by promoting and defending human and children rights: specifically, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Human Rights constitute a privileged universal language for the attainment of peace and the common good.

What we cheer for

  • Education, awareness and training in the respect of the values of solidarity, citizenship and Human Rights
  • To promote and carry out Programs and activities, which disseminate the values underlying human rights and the fundamental rights of children, especially in the educational, social, cultural and legislative spheres. 
  • To promote peace. Peace is a result of experiencing the respect of fundamental rights. This respect is necessary to achieve peace, social well-being and happiness of all people, in the family, cultural and all social spheres.
  • To promote equality, freedom and justice, through the respect of Human Rights.
  • To promote dialogue between people, nations, religions, namely through education and the arts.
  • To promote and support research and publications related to the aims of the organization.
  • To help children in need. To promote support, humanitarian and social assistance to children, namely those in precarious situations of poverty, risk and abandonment through our development and cooperation programs around the world.

ANDI is designated by the United Nations Organization (UNO) as a Civil Society Organization (CSO) and, is registered in the Database of the Integrated System of Civil Society Organizations (DESA) of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the UNO. ANDI is active in international forums of the UN through the Economic Civil Society Network (CSONET) and participates with its contributions for the preparation of documents prior to the international conferences.

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