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Helping Children in need

ANDI promotes and supports development and humanitarian programmes, while it also provides social assistance to vulnerable children. Through our development cooperation projects and interinstitutional agreements we assist vulnerable children Our aim is to empower poor and discriminated children, helping them access quality education, human rights training and gender equality. We do this through different interventive campaigns, namely, campaigns in order to eradicate hunger, ensure access to healthcare, education, infrastructures and specific assistance to children and their families in order to break the cycle of poverty in these communities.

Helping the children in Kandhamal, India

The proposed project aims to support poor children in the Kandhamal district, (12 villages under Gadapur area) in Odisha, India, through access to quality education. The project contemplates the creation of 6 schools and accommodation centres, as well as scholarships for 403 children, half of whom are girls.The Kandhamal riots, which refers to widespread violence against families of these children in the Kandhamal district (2008) in which 200 people were killed and more than 54,000 were left homeless. And more recently the COVID-19, gravely affected this Indian region. Even today, this district remains as one of the poorest and most illiterate regions in India. The main objectives of the project are guaranteeing access to quality education, gender equality and poverty reduction in this community, breaking the cycle of poverty and implementing assistance for children as well as improving living conditions for them and their families.

Orphanages in Asia

ANDI supports three orphanages in China since 2014. These children have been abandoned, most of the time, because they have a disability or are female. These orphanages provide intensive care to babies who are abandoned, attending their medical needs, school tuitions, giving foster care and attending special needs of disabled orphans with severe mental and physical impairment.

School’s education in India

Empowering with a quality education, poor and discriminated children from ethnic minorities. We promote a culture of unity, peace and harmony among ethnic groups.

We helped building a school for more than 220 Garo tribal children living in the Babadamh community in India, as well as in 35 villages nearby. These boys and girls are at constant risk of suffering from malnutrition, malaria, typhus, hepatitis, and diarrhea. At the beginning, it was difficult to move the project forward because the terrain conditions were not optimal. It was also necessary to bring water from another location for the construction because there was no water there. This project was carried out in partnership with the NGO Manos Unidas and was successfully concluded. Now we continue to help children (and their families) from tribal minorities in others parts of India, to break the circles of poverty. As in the Kandhamal District, State of Odisha.

Helping children in Latin America

ANDI helps the children and their families in Latin America through our projects in some countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador, El Salvador.

The lack of food, medicines and material goods in general, raised a call for humanitarian aid in Latin America. ANDI has contributed by establishing a collaborative agreement with a local project, to help children in need and their families. “High five for Venezuela” is a project carried out by the Baraibar Cultural Association that provides help to Venezuela through the shipment of medicines and other essential products.

In Ecuador ANDI is making awareness through communication campaigns and activities about the need for helping childhood in Ecuador.

Helping vulnerable children to succeed at school

ANDI offer school support to vulnerable children (many of them immigrants). Every child deserves protection, care and all the help needed to succeed in school. In fact, going to school should be every child’s right, no matter their background, race, religion or gender. ANDI aims to ensure every child has the necessary tools to succeed in school . They do this by supporting less fortunate children in any way they can – be it through tutoring, material or helping them study.

We promote human rights and social values. Children and young people are the protagonists of our training, solidarity activities and programs. Likewise, they help children in need, through our projects in different parts of the world.




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