Education & Human Rights Training

Our programs aim to promote long-term sustainable behavioral changes in the participants, so that they become Ambassadors of peace and dialogue and actors of change, by integrating the virtues of social values in their lives and communities. Our workshops focus on peer-to-peer education in a way that children and teens carry out the activities with adult guidance.


ANDI Academy inspires children and youth to become advocates of human values in their communities by promoting human rights and children’s rights through the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This objective will be achieved through the development of activities focused on education and recreation aimed at children and adolescents. These activities will inspire them to become leaders in promoting human values and children’s rights by understanding the relevance these qualities have in their own lives. They will also inspire long-term behavioral changes in the participants to become ambassadors for Children’s Rights and social values in their own communities.

Leadership Program on Human Rights and Children Rights

This workshop aims to train young leaders and motivate them to become activists for the promotion and defense of human rights, and especially the rights of children and adolescents. The training focus in the respect for human dignity and social values and increase awareness of social responsibility.

Peace Ambassadors Workshops

Children received training in the social values inherent to the Rights of the Child, with the transmission of knowledge with a horizontal perspective. The didactical resources guide the dynamic and active participation, through dialogue and artistic activities.

Seminars and Conferences

We organize seminars directed to different age groups: children, youth and Adults. The leaders of our projects around the world give conferences to raise awareness of the needs of children in these locations.

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