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Andi’s Spring Campaign will help children in Kandhamal, India

Andi’s Spring Campaign will help children in Kandhamal, India

ANDI New Dialogue NGO started its International Spring Campaign “Lets help the children in India”, to unite efforts and donations for children in need in the Kandhamal district, in India.

Through this Campaign citizens from all over the world can donate to ANDI’s project, so that 400 children in the Kandhamal region can receive education, improve their quality of life, and break the cycle of poverty.

The donations will allow the creation of 6 schools, accommodation centers and scholarships for 400 children, half of them girls.

The children, who belong to the Dalit and Adivasi communities in the Kandhamal district, considered “the untouchables”, live in conditions of extreme poverty and neglect. The Covid pandemic and the Kandhamal riots 14 years ago in which 200 people died during the largest wave of anti-religious violence, has hit these families strongly, leaving most of these children orphaned and isolated.

The project’s main objectives are quality education, gender equity and poverty reduction in this community, for which it will implemented intervention actions against hunger, health care and specific assistance to children and their families, to address the main causes of school dropout, the same that are rooted in conditions of extreme poverty. 

Everybody can collaborate with this goal by donating here.

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