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Andi joins Portugal-UK 650

Andi joins Portugal-UK 650

Maria João Rodrigues de Araújo, President of ANDI New Dialogue gave a press conference about Portugal-UK 650, the commemorations of the 650th anniversary the Treaty of Tagilde and the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, which is the oldest active alliance in the world between two nations still in force.

Victor Hugo Salgado, Mayor of Vizela, also spoke at the press conference, who was attended by several authorities including Mr Antonio Ferreira, President of Tagilde and Rev Fr Cândido Magalhães, Parish Priest of Tagilde.

Portugal-UK 650 is based at the University of Oxford and gathers the support of the civil, military and religious authorities of both countries and has over 50 partners institutions, ANDI being one them. In addition to marking the 650th anniversary of the Treaty of Tagilde in July 2022 and 650th anniversary of the Treaty of Alliance in June 2023, Portugal-UK 650 includes other initiatives such as research, education, cultural, cooperation and social activities. One of the main objectives of Portugal-UK 650 is to promote the foundational values of the Treaty of Alliance in today’s world, especially those of friendship and peace.

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