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ANDI gets involved in COVID-19 prevention in India

ANDI gets involved in COVID-19 prevention in India

Since the new Covid Delta Plus variant hit India, our team has led the prevention activities toward our beneficiaries at Kandhamal, including 400 children and their families.

ANDI’s India team headed by M. Sual Singh from Jana Vikas NGO our partner in India, has distributed masks, soaps, and hand sanitizers to the community of Kandhamal in response to the Delta Plus wave of Covid-19 that hit the country.

Also, our team makes sure that the biosecurity measures are strictly observed in order to care for our beneficiaries, especially the girls and boys that are attending school at Kandhamal-Odisha, where our education program has started.

According to the Indian government’s Covid-19 genome sequencing body, the Delta Plus variant exhibits several worrying traits such as increased transmissibility, stronger binding to receptors of lung cells, and a potential reduction in antibody response.

After the U.S., India has the second-highest number of recorded Covid cases in the world, according to Johns Hopkins data, with more than 31.2 million cases and almost 419,000 fatalities. In Odisha 987,956 cases have been registered with 6,554 deaths, since the Pandemia started.

We appreciate your contributions to our Project. You can continue helping the children in Kandahmal, India by donating here.

We promote human rights and social values. Children and young people are the protagonists of our training, solidarity activities and programs. Likewise, they help children in need, through our projects in different parts of the world.




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